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Physics Lecture Demonstration Manual
Index of Contents:
Fluid Mechanics
Waves & Oscillations
Electricity & Magnetism
Modern Physics
Indexing by PIRA (Physics Instructional Resource Agency)
1A10.10 Basic Units: Basic Unit Sets
1A10.20 Basic Units: Standards of Mass
1A10.34 Basic Units: Spherometer
1A10.35 Basic Units: Meter Sticks
1A10.39* Basic Units: Large Measuring Wheel
1A10.50 Basic Units: One Liter Cube
1A10.55 Basic Units: "mass, volume, density"
1A10.60 Basic Units: Avogadro's Number Box
1A10.75* Basic Units: Cubic Meter
1A10.70 Basic Units: Density Rods
1A30.10 Coordinate Systems: XYZ Axes
1A20.30* Error & Accuracy: Systematic vs. Random Error
1A50.20 Math Topics: Cylinder Surface Area
1A50.30 Math Topics: Wooden Cone
1A50.50 Math Topics: Mathematical Curl
1A60.10 Scaling: "Powers of Ten" film
1A70.10* Scientific Method: Circumference of a Circle

Motion in One Dimension
1C10.20 Velocity: Vernier's Go Motion!: Motion Study
1C20.10 Uniform Acceleration: Penny & Feather
1C20.14* Uniform Acceleration: Shot Put & Golf Ball
1C20.18 Uniform Acceleration: Block & Paper
1C20.30 Uniform Acceleration: PASCO Sc Wksp: Inclined Air Track
1C20.35* Uniform Acceleration: Galileo's Ramp
1C30.05* Measuring g: Falling Ball Model
1C30.55 Measuring g: Catch a Meter Stick

Motion in Two Dimensions
1D10.05* Displacement in Two Dimensions: Strobe Penlight
1D40.22 Motion of the Center of Mass: Linked Pucks on Air Table
1D4035 Motion of the Center of Mass: Earth Moon System
1D40.55 Motion of the Center of Mass: Air Track Inchworm
1D50.10 Central Forces: Ball on a String
1D50.25 Central Forces: Conical Pendulum
1D50.40 Central Forces: Pail of Water
1D52.10 Deformation by Central Forces: Flattening Earth
1D55.12* Centrifugal Escape: Marble on a Plate
1D60.10 Projectile Motion: Howitzer & Tunnel
1D60.20 Projectile Motion: Simultaneous Fall
1D60.30 Projectile Motion: Shoot the Monkey
1D60.65 Projectile Motion: Water Stream Trajectory

Newton's First Law
1F20.30 Inertia of Rest: Tablecloth Pull
1F20.32* Inertia of Rest: Inertia Tower
1F20.37* Inertia of Rest: Eggs into Beaker
1F30.10 Inertia of Motion: Persistence of Motion

Newton's Second Law
1G10.40 "Force, Mass, Acceleration": Atwood's Machine

Newton's Third Law
1H10.30* Action & Reaction: Tug of War
1H10.40* Action & Reaction: PASCO Sc Wksp: Collision Carts - Force

Statics of Rigid Bodies
1J10.10 Finding Center of Gravity: Map of State
1J10.15 Finding Center of Gravity: Irregular Shape
1J10.25 Finding Center of Gravity: Center of Gravity of a Broom
1J11.10 Exceeding Center of Gravity: Leaning Tower of Pisa
1J11.40 Exceeding Center of Gravity: Male & Female Center of Gravity
1J11.50 Exceeding Center of Gravity: Double Cone
1J30.05* Resolution of Forces: Balloon & Fan
1J30.25 Resolution of Forces: Three Students & a Rope
1J30.54 Resolution of Forces: Force Table
1J40.10 Static Torque: Torque Meter (Grip Bar)
1J40.16 Static Torque: Different Length Wrenches
1J40.55* Static Torque:  Torque Ladder
1J40.75 PASCO Blackboard Mechanics: Arm Model

Applications of Newton's Laws
1K10.30 Dynamic Torque: Walking the Spool
1K20.12 Friction: Friction Box
1K20.15 Friction: Weight Dependence of Friction
1K20.20 Friction: Area Dependence of Friction
1K20.30 Friction: Static vs. Sliding Friction
1K20.35 Friction: Angle of Repose
1K25.10* Terminal Velocity: Falling Balloon
1K30.15* Pressure: Seat of Nails

1L10.10 Univ. Gravitational Constant: Cavendish Film Loop or Video
1L10.30 Univ. Gravitational Constant: Cavendish Balance

Work & Energy
1M20.30 Simple Machines: Incline Plane
1M40.10 Conservation of Energy: Nose Basher
1M40.15 Conservation of Energy: Stopped Pendulum
1M40.20 Conservation of Energy: Loop the Loop
1M40.42 Conservation of Energy: CENCO Ballistic Pendulum

Linear Momentum & Collisions
1N10.23* Impulse & Thrust: Egg Toss
1N20.22* Conservation of Linear Momentum: Spring Apart Dynamics Carts
1N22.20* Rockets: Water Rocket
1N30.05* Collisions in One Dimension: Newton's Cradle (Collision Balls)
1N30.06* Collisions in One Dimension: Steel Collision Balls
1N30.33 Collisions in One Dimension: Equal & Unequal Mass Air Track
1N30.40* Collisions in One Dimension: PASCO Sc Wksp: Collision Carts - Momentum
1N30.60 Collisions in One Dimension: Double Ball Drop
1N40.20 Collisions in Two Dimensions: Air Table - Equal masses
1N40.21 Collisions in Two Dimensions: Air Table - Unequal masses
1N40.22 Collisions in Two Dimensions: Air Table - Inelastic

Rotational Dynamics
1Q10.30 Moment of Inertia: Disc, Ring, Sphere
1Q20.50 Rotational Energy: Faster then "g" or The Falling Chimney
1Q20.55 Rotational Energy: Pennies on a Meter Stick
1Q40.10 Conservation of Angular Momentum: Rotating Stool and Weights
1Q40.25 Conservation of Angular Momentum: Pulling on a Whirligig
1Q40.30 Conservation of Angular Momentum: Bicycle Wheel & the Conservation of Angular Momentum
1Q40.80 Conservation of Angular Momentum: Hero's Engine
1Q50.20 Gyros: Bicycle Wheel Gyro
1Q60.52 Rotational Stability: Ring, Chain, Cylinder

Properties of Matter
1R20.60 Tensile & Compressive Stress: Bologna Bottle
1R20.70 Tensile & Compressive Stress: Prince Rupert's Drops
1R40.10 Coefficient of Restitution: Bouncing Balls
1R50.20 Crystal Structure: Crystal Models
1R60.10* Molecular Models: Polyhedral Molecular Demonstration Models
1R60.20* Molecular Models: Styrofoam Molecular Models

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Fluid Mechanics

Surface Tension
2A20.10 Capillary Action: Capillary Tubes or Equilibrium Tubes

Statics of Fluids
2B20.40 Static Pressure: Pascal's Vases
2B20.60 Static Pressure: Hydraulic Press
2B30.10 Atmospheric Pressure: Crush the Can: Hot Water Cooling
2B30.25 Atmospheric Pressure: Crush the Can: Vacuum Pump
2B30.30 Atmospheric Pressure: Magdeburg Hemispheres
2B60.70 Atmospheric Pressure: Turbine Pump
2B40.10 Density & Buoyancy: Weigh Submerged Block
2B40.40 Density & Buoyancy: Buoyancy of Air
2B40.48* Density & Buoyancy: Density of Air: 2L Soda Bottles
2B40.54 Density & Buoyancy: Buoyancy in Various Liquids

Dynamics of Fluids
2C10.10 Flow Rate : Velocity of Efflux
2C20.20 Bernoulli Force: Atomizer
2C20.30 Bernoulli Force: Floating Ball

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Waves & Oscillations

3A10.10 Pendula: Simple Pendulum
3A10.15 Pendula: Bowling Ball Pendulum
3A10.30 Pendula: Torsion Pendula
3A15.10 Physical Pendula: Physical Pendulum (Baseball Bat)
3A15.11 Physical Pendula: Ring Physical Pendula
3A20.10 Spring & Oscillators: Mass on a Spring
3A20.30 Spring & Oscillators: Air Track Glider & Spring
3A20.35 Spring & Oscillators: Air Track Glider between Springs
3A40.05* Simple Harmonic Motion: PASCO Sc Wksp: SHM
3A60.10 Driven Mechanical Resonance: Tacoma Narrows film
3A70.20 Coupled Oscillations: Coupled Pendula
3A70.30 Coupled Oscillations: String Coupled Pendula
3A70.45 Coupled Oscillations: Vertically Coupled Masses on Springs
3A70.46 Coupled Oscillations: Horizontally Coupled Masses on Springs

Wave Motion
3B10.10 Transverse Pulses & Waves: Pulse on a Rope
3B10.12* Transverse Pulses & Waves: Human Wave
3B10.20 Transverse Pulses & Waves: Slinky on a Table
3B10.25 Transverse Pulses & Waves: Standing Pulse
3B10.30 Transverse Pulses & Waves: Transverse Wave Generator
3B10.50 Transverse Pulses & Waves: Vertical Rods Wave Model
3B10.60 Transverse Pulses & Waves: Wave Generator, driven
3B20.10 Longitudinal Pulses & Waves: Hanging Slinky
3B20.12 Longitudinal Pulses & Waves: Slinky on a Table
3B20.30 Longitudinal Pulses & Waves: Longitudinal Wave Model & Generator
3B20.50 Longitudinal Pulses & Waves: Vertical Rods Wave Model
3B22.20 Standing Waves: Rope Standing Wave
3B22.22* Standing Waves: Wave Generator
3B22.50 Standing Waves: Slinky Standing Waves
3B22.80 Standing Waves: Standing/Traveling Wave Model
3B27.15 Compound Waves: Transverse Wave Superposition
3B27.20 Compound Waves: Adding (Sine) Wave Apparatus
3B30.30 Wave Properties of Sound: Bell in a Vacuum
3B30.50 Wave Properties of Sound: How to Talk like a Duck
3B40.25 Doppler Effect: Doppler Reed
3B40.35* Doppler Effect: Doppler Football
3B40.40* Doppler Effect: Doppler Tuning Fork
3B50.30 Interference & Diffraction: Ripple Tank Audio Visual Clips
3B55.10 Interference & Diffraction of Sound: Two Loud Speakers
3B60.10 Beats: Beat Forks

3C10.10 The Ear: Model of the Ear
3C20.05* Pitch: Pitch Range Chart
3C30.10* Intensity & Attenuation: Decibel of Sound
3C40.10 Architectural Acoustics: Reverberation Time or 'Slapping Boards'
3C50.30* Wave Analysis & Synthesis: Helmholtz Coils

Musical Instruments
3D20.10 Resonance in Strings: Sonometer
3D30.15 Resonance Cavities: Resonance Tube w/ Piston
3D30.60 Resonance Cavities: Kundt's Tube
3D30.70 Resonance Cavities: Hoot Tubes
3D32.10 Air Column Instruments: Organ Pipes
3D32.20 Air Column Instruments: Organ Pipes w/ Holes
3D32.25 Air Column Instruments: Open & Closed End Pipes
3D32.30 Air Column Instruments: Slide Whistle
3D32.45 Air Column Instruments: PVC Instruments
3D40.10 Resonance in Plates, Bars, Soli: Xylophone
3D40.30 Resonance in Plates, Bars, Soli: Chladni Plates
3D40.50 Resonance in Plates, Bars, Soli: Musical Goblet
3D42.10* Percussion Instruments: Tom Drum
3D46.16 Tuning Forks: Tuning Forks
3D46.20 Tuning Forks: Tuning Forks on Resonance Boxes
3D46.22 Tuning Forks: Adjustable Tuning Forks
3D46.30 Tuning Forks: Tuning Bars
3D50.10 Electronic Instruments: Keyboard

Sound Reproduction

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Thermal Properties of Matter
4A. Heat Capacity & Specific Heat: Warm Coin Trick
4A30.10 Solid Expansion: Bimetallic Strip
4A30.11 Solid Expansion: Thermostat Model
4A30.20 Solid Expansion: Balls & Ring
4A40.32* Properties of Materials at Low Temperatures: Smashing Frozen Banana
4A40.35 Properties of Materials at Low Temperatures: Cool Rubberband

Heat & the 1st Law
4B20.10 Convection: Convection Tube
4B30.12* Conduction: Heat Race to Melt Wax
4B40.05* Radiation: Heated Spoon
4B40.10 Radiation: Radiation using Parabolic Mirrors
4B50.25 Heat Transfer Applications: Water Balloon & Matches
4B60.11 Mechanical Equivalent of Heat: Work into Heat
4B70.20 Adiabatic Processes: Expansion Cloud Chamber

Change of State
4C30.15 Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas: Boiling at Reduced Pressure
4C30.30 Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas: Helium & CO2 balloons in Liquid N2
4C30.32* Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas: Air Balloon in Liquid Nitrogen`
4C30.35 Phase Changes: Liquid-Gas: Liquid Nitrogen in a Balloon
4C31.30 Cooling by Evaporation: Drinking Bird

Kinetic Theory
4D20.10* Mean Free Path: Crooke's Radiometer*
4D30.40* Kinetic Motion: Glass Beads
4D50.60 Diffusion & Osmosis: Diffusion in Liquids: Copper Sulfate

Gas Law
4E10.11 Constant Pressure: Thermal Expansion of Air
4E10.15* Constant Pressure: Cooling of Air
4E10.20 Constant Pressure: Balloons in Liquid Nitrogen
4E10.30* Constant Pressure: Crush the Can
:4E Differential Thermometer
4E20.15 Constant Temperature: Syringe & Pressure Gauge
4E20.40 Constant Temperature: Balloon in a Vacuum

Entropy & the Second Law
4F30.19 Heat Cycles: Hero's Engine
4F30.10 Heat Cycles: Stirling's Engine
4F30.20 Heat Cycles: Steam Engine
4F30 Heat Cycles: 5-cycle Engine

To The Top

Electricity & Magnetism

5A10.10 Producing Static Charge: Rods, Fur, & Silk
5A10.12* Producing Static Charge: What Makes Sticky?
5A10.20 Producing Static Charge: Electrophorus (Induction Paddle)
5A20.10 Coulomb's Law: Rods & Pivot
5A20.20 Coulomb's Law: Pith Balls
5A22.30 Electrostatic Meters: Gold Leaf Electroscope
5A22.32* Electrostatic Meters: Probe Electroscope
5A22.35* Electrostatic Meters: Projector Electroscope
5A40.30 Induced Charge: "2"x4""
5A50.10 Electrostatic Machines: Wimshurst Machine
5A50.30 Electrostatic Machines: Van de Graff Generators

Electric Fields & Potential
5B10.10 Electric Field: Hair on End
5B10.14* Electric Field: Salt Eruption
5B10.25 Electric Field: Confetti
5B10.26 Electric Field: Electrified Strings
5B10.27 Electric Field: Rayleigh Fountain
5B10.28* Electric Field: Field Visualizer
5B10.35 Electric Field: Electrostatic Ping Pong
5B20.10 Gauss' Law: Faraday's Ice Pail
5B20.15 Gauss' Law: Faraday's Ice Pail on Electroscope
5B20.40* Gauss' Law: Styrofoam peanuts in a metal cup
5B30.38* Electrostatic Potential: Carbon Arc
5B30.40 Electrostatic Potential: Electric Wind
5B30.50 Electrostatic Potential: Electrostatic Pinwheel
5B30.70* Electrostatic Potential: Fluorescent Tube Illumination

5C10.20 Capacitors: Parallel Plate Capacitors
5C20.10 Dielectrics: Capacitors w/ Dielectrics

5D10.40 Resistance Characteristics: Resistance Model: Nails in an Inclined Board
5D15.12* Resistance Characteristics: Pencil Lead Stripe
5D20.15 Resistivity & Temperature: Wire Coil in Liquid Nitrogen and in Boiling Water
5D30.30 Conduction in Solutions: Pickle Glow
5D40.10 Conduction in Gases: Jacob's Ladder

Electromotive Force & Current

DC Circuits
5F10.10 Ohm's Law: Ohm's Law Unit for Overhead Projector
5F20.12* Circuit Analysis: Predict the Relative Brightness Challenge
5F20.50 Circuit Analysis: Series & Parallel Lightbulbs
5F20. Circuit Analysis: Ohm's Law Board

Magnetic Materials
5G10.10 Magnets: Magnet Support
5G10.16 Magnets: Suspended Lodestone
5G10.30 Magnets: Which is the Magnet?
5G20.30 Magnet Domains & Magnetization: Magnetic Domain Model

Magnetic Fields & Forces
5H10.12 Magnetic Fields: Magnet & Compass
5H10.15 Magnetic Fields: Dip Needle
5H10.30 Magnetic Fields: Magnet & Iron Filings, 2-Dim
5H10.35 * Magnetic Fields: Magnet & Iron Filings, 3-Dim
5H15.10 Fields and Currents: Iron Filings Around a Wire
5H15.11 Fields and Currents: Compasses about a Wire
5H15.40 Fields and Currents: Solenoid & Iron Filings
5H20.24 Forces on Magnets: Linearly Levitating Magnets
5H30.10 Force on Moving Charge: Maltese Cross
5H30.20 Force on Moving Charge: e/m Tube
5H40.30 Force on Current in Wire: Jumping Wire
5H50.45 Torques on Coils: Spinning Coil over Magnet


Electromagnetic Induction
5K10.18? Induced Currents & Forces: Induced Current Demo
5K10.20 Induced Currents & Forces: EM Induction Coil
5K10.21 Induced Currents & Forces: 10/20/40 Coils & Magnet
5K10.60 Induced Currents & Forces: Earth Inductor
5K20.10 Eddy Currents: Eddy Currents in Pendulum
5K20.25 Eddy Currents: Magnets in Eddy Tubes or Lenz's Law Demonstrator
5K20.30 Eddy Currents: Jumping Ring
5K30.10 Transformers: Wind a Transformer
5K40.04* Motors & Generators: Open Motor
5K40.05* Motors & Generators: World's Simplest Motor
5K40.80 Motors & Generators: Crank Generator & Light Bulb

AC Circuits

Semiconductors & Tubes
5M20.05* Tubes: Transistor Tube Basket

Electromagnetic Radiation
5N10.57* Transmission Lines & Antennas: Radio Standing Waves

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Geometrical Optics
6A02.35 Straight Line Propagation: Laser Pointer  & Chalk Dust
6A10 Reflection from Flat Surfaces: Properties of Light: Ray Tracing
6A10.10 Reflection from Flat Surfaces: Blackboard Optics - Plane Mirrors
6A10.25 Reflection from Flat Surfaces: Ripple Tank Reflection
6A10.50 Reflection from Flat Surfaces: Full View Mirror
6A20.10 Reflection from Curved Surfaces: Blackboard Optics - Curved Mirrors
6A20.35 Reflection from Curved Surfaces: Optic Mirage
6A20.35 Reflection from Curved Surfaces: Auto Collimating Mirror
6A40. Refraction Index: Class March
6A42.10 Refraction at Flat Surfaces: Blackboard Optics - Refraction
6A42.35 Refraction at Flat Surfaces: Ripple Tank Refraction
6A42.45 Refraction at Flat Surfaces: Stick in Water

6A44.40 Total Internal Reflection: Light Pipe
6A44.45 Total Internal Reflection: Water Stream Light Pipe
6A46.10 Rainbow: Rainbow

6A60.50 Thin Lens: Pinholes Projected with a Lens
6A61.20 Pinhole: Pinhole Camera
6A65.70 Thick Lens: Fresnel Lens

6C Diffraction Grating
6C10.10 Diffraction Through One Slit: Single Slit and Laser
6C10.20 Diffraction Through One Slit: Two Finger Slit
6C20. Diffraction Around Objects:

6D Glass Slides Interference Bands
6D10.10 Interference From Two Sources: Double Slit & Laser

6F10.10 Synthesis and Analysis of Colors: Additive Color Mixing
6F10.25 Synthesis and Analysis of Colors: Spinning Color Disc
6F10.75 Synthesis and Analysis of Colors: Colored Yarn

6F30.10 Dispersion: Dispersion Curve of a Prism
6F40.11 Scattering: Sunset II

6H10.10 Dichroic Polarization: Polarization Sheets

The Eye
6J10.10 The Eye: Model of the Eye
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Modern Physics

Quantum Effects
7A10.10 Photoelectric Effect: Photoelectric Effect in Zinc
7A50.40 Wave Mechanics: Vibrating Circular Wire

Atomic Physics
7B Safety Exposure
7B10.10 Spectra: Spectroscopes & various Discharge Lamps
7B10.50* Spectra: Spectrum Analysis Chart
7B10.60* Spectra: Solar Spectrum Chart
7B13.05 Resonance Radiation: Triboluminescence (Wintergreen Lifesavers)
7B13.50 Resonance Radiation: Black Light/ Fluorescence
7B13.51 Resonance Radiation: Fluorescence and Phosphorescence
7B13.55 Resonance Radiation: Luminescence
7B35.40 Electron Properties: Maltese cross
7B50.50 Atomic Models: Periodic Chart

Nuclear Physics
7D10.10 Radioactivity: Gieger Counter & Samples
7D10.55 Radioactivity: Coin Toss Half-Life

7D30.60 Particle Detectors: Diffusion Cloud Chamber
7D50.05* Models of the Nucleus: Nucleus Rotational Model

Elementary Particles


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