Conservation of Linear Momentum: Linear Momentum & Collisions
Spring Apart Dynamics Carts
PIRA Class: 1N20.22*

To observe conservation of momentum for a system at rest that

Two carts are 'sprung apart'. Total momentum of the two cart system is conserved.
1. Clean & level PASCO dynamics track
2. Compress spring plunger and place carts side by side on the track.
3. Use a rigid stick to trigger the spring release & observe the resulting motion of the carts.
NOTE: Cart masses (each) = ~500 grams
-Double the mass of one cart by adding a single 500 g mass
-Triple the mass of one cart by adding two 500 g masses
-"Spring apart" the carts while they are in motion (stuck together using the Velcro pieces on cart ends)

Dynamics Track & Accessories